Specializing design of automation control system and production of marine electrical equipment

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 MRIT is aprofessional enterprise in automation contrill system design and intergrated electrical equiqment found in 2005,specialize in electrical automation control of enjineering ship product. MRIT cooperate with many famou enterprise e.g.siments,impoer advanced technology of frequency converter contriller,dc speed adjust,full ship bus contrill and apply to every area of ship products,the application cover all kinds of ship in domestic market and fill the gaps in china.We supply clients a whole set of solution in ship power destribution system,driving system,electrical automation controll syetem communication navigation system,ship internal communication system and computer monitor display system,esp on dredging vessel.Intergrated ship electrical intergration has been applied on the vessel from demestic and taiwan,broken the pattern of foreign monopoly,leading this line.We devote ourself to development and improvement of production and cooperate with lots of famous research institutes.We"ve got 31 research projects since 2005,which includes 10 grated patents,16 software copyrights,7 new and high-tech products.In recent 3 years,wehave 16 transformation of science and tech achivements and these products occupy 45% dredging market.As a young company,we follow the"science and technology innovation quality and service first"as our business philosophy.Till now we have developed the software of dredging monitoring platform for allkings dredging vessel.As for non-self propekked cutter suction dredger we developed the cutter suction dredging nomitoring platform,and it pass through the ccs chia classification society ship product system certification.In 2008 we apply the projuct of reseach and develop of wind power renewable green energy,and in 2011 this project has been approved and qualified.We"re recogenized as high new techenterprise by jiangsu science and tech department and top 100 outstanding science and tech devekpment enterprises.